Popular Wedding Flowers in South Africa

Flowers is one of the most important element of any event, especially wedding. It can create such a romantic atmosphere and transform your Big Day reception venue into a magical world, world of love.

Depend on the season, there are different kinds of flowers and the its cost will vary accordingly.

So let’s see what kind of flowers you can have and what their availability is.












Of all the bulbous plants, the tulip is without a doubt the most popular.

There are different types of tulips available such as Parade, Barcelona Tulip, Dynasty Tulip, Bolroyal Dream Tulip, Egoli, Cherokee Tulip, Pretty Woman Tulip, Synaeda Blue Tulip, Sevilla Tulip, Purple Flag Tulip and many others.

Colors include white, yellow, pink, peach, orange, red, lavender, purple and bi-colors. Vase life is up to seven days.

Tulip is a symbol of opportunity, adjustment, advancement, and aspiration.















This flower is so classic and one of the favourite one for nay occasion. There are a huge variety of roses available in the market. There are different types of roses available such as Top Sun, Baccara Royal, Sublime, Wild One, Citran, Marie Claire, Avalanche, Vendela Roses, Kalahari, Red Lips, Gypsy Curiosa and many others. The colour spectrum is so big and shades can be of reds, pinks, purples, oranges, corals, peaches and whites.

Depending on the variety, roses typically last 4 — 7 days.

You can buy roses all year round.

Roses are symbolic of deep love, concentration, intelligence, balance, and passion











It’s a national flower of South Africa. Among the oldest families of flowers on earth, dating back 300 million years, Greek legend tells us that protea were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon. These flowers can range from tiny red blooms to great furry pink and black globes.

There are different types of proteas available such as Barbigera, Empress, Liebencherry, King Protea, Venus, Sylvia, Susara and others.

It has a long vase life.

Availability depend on the flower type.

Protea symbolizes diversity and courage.















Orchids have a magical beauty and allure, with incredible colors, shapes, and scents. Maybe this contributes to the belief that they are difficult to grow and bloom. Orchids come in all shapes, sizes, designs, colors and color combinations. The flowers may be tiny or large.

There are different types of orchids available such as Oncidium blossoms, Cymbidium, Cattleya blossoms, Phalaenopsis and others.

Cut orchids live for about three weeks if you care for them well.

You can buy orchids all year round.

A symbol of perfection. The spots on an orchid sometimes represent the blood of Christ.





Lily flowers are valued for their very showy, often fragrant flowers. Because blooms open at various times, most lilies live one to two weeks. Colors include white, yellow, pink, red and orange; many have a deeper color (freckles) on the inner petal.

There are no fewer than 110 different varieties and species of lilies found across the globe: Arum lilies, Calla Lilies, Water Lilies, Royal Respect, Mote Negro, Dazzle, Umbria, royal Fantasy and others.

The cut flower is long lasting.

You can buy lilies all year round.

They are symbolic of unions, partnerships, and long lasting relationships.












Chrysanthemum comes from Greek word ‘Chrys’ meaning golden (the color of the original flowers), and ‘anthemon’, meaning flower. They bloom in various forms, and can be daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. Chrysanthemum blooms come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and in a wide range of colors. In addition to the traditional yellow, other popular colors are white, purple, and red.

There are different types of chrysanthemums available such as Reagan Bronze, Voyager, Snowdon Yellow, Grand Orange, Anastasia Pink, Snowdon White, Bronze Smile, Ibis, Reagan Elite Sunny, Marabou and others.

With proper care they have a vase life of seven to 10 days.

You can buy chrysanthemums all year round.

It symbolizes fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.











The gerbera daisy must be one of the most popular flowers based upon its numbers in florist shops. Several hundred varieties of gerbera, including hybrids, have been documented, with almost any colour available – except blue.

Most gerberas grow in vivid, sunny hues, including yellow, orange, coral, red and hot pink. Hybrids are also available in creamy white and seashell pink. Rosettes of dark-green leaves form an attractive background for all.

The cut flower is long lasting.

You can buy gerbera all year round.

Gerbera daisies symbolize friendship and good luck.











Paeonia (peony or paeony) is a genus of flowering plants, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. The peony is named after Paeon the Greek God of medicine and healing.

Peony colours vary from white through pink to red and maroon. As a result of cross-breeding with tree peonies, it is even possible to get shades of yellow and coral.

Peonies vase life is usually between 5 – 10 days.

Availability depend on the flower type.

A peony represents wealth and honor. They also embody romance and love, and are regarded as the omen of good fortune and happy marriage.















What is delicate, durable, and delightful all in one? To this day, carnations remain a favorite flower choice for many different occasions. They are immediately recognizable flowers, and they possess a charm and allure that continues to captivate people around the globe.

Colors include white, yellow, pink, red, salmon, fuchsia, deep purple, light green, bi-colors and flecked. Carnations are also popular as potted plants because of their long blooming season.

The fragrant cut flowers live up to three weeks.

You can buy carnation all year round.

A symbol of betrothal or engagement. In China, a carnation is a symbol of marriage.


Lily Of The Valley

lily of the vals.1jpg












Lily of the valley is a popular flower for weddings, although it can be very expensive.

It is sometimes considered the ‘fifth thing’ that a bride should carry (right after something old, new, borrowed, blue).

This dainty blossom has an appearance and fragrance that match; both are clean, sweet and loved by all.

Also known as the May lily, it means “return to happiness” and most often symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility.











Native to North America. The name sunflower comes from the Greek helios “sun” and anthos “flower.” Sunflower got its name because the flowers turn toward the sun.

Sunflowers are one of the flowers that everyone seems to really love. It got to be their sunny color they can really make any wedding pop with color.

The cut flower is long lasting.

You can buy sunflower all year round.

These flowers said to symbolize the sun, love and happiness.












Daffodil flowers are native to the Mediterranean region in Europe but have been cultivated all over the world. The Daffodil flower is a very beautiful flower and often used in bouquets or flower arrangements. There are literally hundreds of varieties of daffodils in various colors – whites, salmons, yellows, and combinations of these colors.

Fresh daffodils can create stunning floral displays for your wedding.

It is a spring flower and available in July, August and September.

This is a flower that represents beauty and you would give this to someone to show that you not only admire them, but that they are the only one.


Baby’s Breath













Baby’s breath it’s not only airy, cloudlike, and delicate but also Inexpensive and long-lasting.

Baby’s breath can be used for wedding decorations, centrepieces and bouquets.

This bloom is readily-available all year round and can make an impact at any kind of wedding, from a rustic backyard to a chic reception venue.

Baby’s Breath is a flower that is a symbol of everlasting love, pureness, and innocence.